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The Most Advanced GST 2A/2B Reco Tool by KDK is Here...

Yes Its is That Simple & Feature Loaded 2A/2B provides Most Accurate Reconciliation between Purchase Invoice & GSTR 2A/2B Comes with advanced algorithms and customized reconciliation method to help you claim Maximum ITC.

2A/2B Reco A Must Use Tool for Reconciliation

2A/2B Reco Tool is a tool to ensure that your time and efforts are
saved and you are able to claim maximum ITC.

Claim Maximum ITC with Super Simple and Smart 2A/2B Reconciliation

- Complete Your 2A/2B Reconciliation in 5 minutes
- Intelligent mechanism with Advance Logics to identify Matches and Mis-matches

Multi-Period Selection for 2A/2B Reco

2A/2B Reco Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly Option

Multiple View

- Consolidate Supplier Wise & Invoice wise View
- Side by Side view & No horizontal scroll

Aggregation & Matching

- View amended invoices in case of amendment

Tolerance level Customization

- To focus on real difference in 2Reco

Choose & Change base period to Reconcile

- Make 2A/2B Period as base data or
- Books Period as base

Excel like functionality

Import data in bulk and reconcile with 2A/2B data in no time

Four important yet easy matching status

Matched, Mismatched, Only in 2A, Only in Books

Reports & Email

- Get reports of Matched, Mismatched & Email to suppliers instantly

Process Your Data by Just Importing Your Purchase
Register Upload 1000 of Invoices in 1-Click

Start Matching To View

  • Match Option Monthly / Multi-Month / Annually

  • Do Reconciliation by 2A/2B Data or Books Data

And You Are Done.................

Get your Max ITC Claimed

Send Email to Supplier of 2A/2B Reco Report

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2A/2B Reco Tool By Express GST Is Loaded with Features
to Help you complete your 2A/2B Reconciliation in 5 Minutes

Superfast Reco Engine with efficient queries brings most accurate 2A/2B Reco results

Data Import

2A/2B By Express GST is fast as it takes just few minutes to complete your reconciliation. It has bulk import of invoices with match/mismatch process, so that you can view mismatch status in one view. Import Purchase Register data in bulk in any of the below and reconcile with 2A/2B data in no time. All types of excel templates are supported to import Purchase Register data immaterial of extension, column placement and data format:

KDK Template Govt. Portal Template Tally template

Various formats supported are:


Choose & Change base period to Reconcile

  • Make Books Period as base Or

  • Make 2A/2B Period as base Or

  • Make 2B Period as base

Your Reconciliation data is ready to view with inbuilt Intelligent mechanism

Consolidate/Aggregate view

  • The 2A/2B Reco by Express GST comes with aggregation feature and the invoice items are aggregated on the basis of Supplier GSTIN and Invoice No. and it errors out mismatches like B2C transactions, tax Value etc.

  • View data by 2A/2B Period or by Books Period as per your convenience.

View amended invoices

It Automatic replaces Regular Invoices with Amendment invoices. Reconciliation has always been a pressing points for anyone who has to handle big chunks of data and that too with an amendment. With 2A/2B Reco Tool by Express GST, amended Supplier invoices are automatically taken care and system run reconciliation on latest invoice(s).

Side by Side view (with No horizontal scroll)

Side by side view of 2A/2B vs Books record for better readability and to easily locate the record that either could not be found in 2A/2B record or Books records.

  • Matched - View Matched Invoices supplier wise

  • Mis-matched – View Mismatched Invoices

  • Only in 2A/2B – View Data which is not in books but in 2A

  • Only in Books – View Data which is not in 2A/2B but in Books

Tolerance Level to ignore and match records within the set limit for Taxable Value and focus on real differences (records mismatch due to rounding off etc are automatically ignored).

Supplier Wise Reco Summary

View summary of your client's / organization's Supplier wise reconciliation

  • Get Period wise count of records with different status for each supplier.

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Invoice Wise Reco Summary

  • View summary of your client's / organization's Invoice wise reconciliation

Identify GST defaulting suppliers and reduce your losses due to not claimed ITC - Claim Accurate Input Tax Credit

Search Sort Filter

  • Options similar to Excel in multiple fields

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Multi-Period Selection for 2A/2B Reco

2A/2B Express is not limited to Month wise reconciliation, but it also allows user to do 2A/2B reconciliation by selecting multiple months or Quarter or Annual 2A/2B Reconciliation. This gives a complete holistic view of mismatches and helps the user to take informative decision rather than doing estimation and making guesses about availability different period. This helps purchaser user to take the decisive call as at times when the invoices are not uploaded in the same period month but in the other period.

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90% Time is saved, if compared with other tools. Gives You 99% Accuracy

  • 2A/2B Express TDS is super-fast and comes with features loaded so that user is able to perform 2A/2B Reco quick and gets a qualitative output to help him to claim maximum ITC. It will auto consider Amended invoice in place of original invoice, thus chance of duplicity is avoided

  • Software uses a smart Annual Reconciliation technique to identify and pick invoices and match them across the Financial Year

  • The Intelligent mechanism to identify probable matches

  • Reconciliation that is not just limited to GSTIN Number and Invoice Number but beyond this with Advance logics

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Reporting & Email in Excel

Get and send Reconciliation reports to your clients via emails. This further helps your supplier to know about the mismatch and update the invoices so as to get them in 2A.

The reports available in 2A/2B by Express GST are:

  • Supplier Wise Mismatch Reports

  • Invoice Wise Mismatch Reports

Send an email to your clients in detail as an excel attachment

  • Supplier Wise Reconciliation

  • Invoice Wise Reconciliation

You can also take the output of reconciled data in excel to share further.

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Intuitive Interface and User-friendly

2A/2B Reco Tool is user-friendly with efficient user interface. It is not unlike other applications. 2A/2B Reco Tool offers such an interface that is useful, user-friendly, meaningful, capable of solving the discrepancy issues, and business needs without getting lost and confused while working on different aspects of 2A/2B Reco.

2A/2B Dashboard

  • All clients created in Client Master appears here

  • Single click client creation: Profile data gets auto-populated for the clients in no time

  • Deactivate your clients if you are no longer in business with them

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2A/2B Reco is on Cloud

2A/2B Reco by Express GST comes on cloud thus giving you additional benefit

  • Increases Flexibility - Work Anytime Anywhere on any device:

    One of the prime benefits of using the cloud based 2A/2B Reco Tool software is that it saves your time through seamless collaboration. It helps in letting multiple team member’s work, from multiple locations. This becomes time-efficient option for working with the clients as the stored information of a client can be accessed from anywhere, which means you don’t have to be in your office to help a client with anything related to the 2A/2B Reco.

  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Better Collaboration with Different Stakeholders

  • Secure Data Storage

  • Doesn't Require A Firewall

  • Increases Flexibility

  • Auto Update and Auto Backup for Better Performance No Installation required on Your Desktop/Laptop

  • No need to store data on your Desktop / Laptop